Ride through Venice, Italy in 2021 in a Taxi. Check out the beautiful views and gorgeous architecture!

Join us as we walk through the beautiful historic town of Treviso, Italy — A city in the Veneto Region of Northern Italy. Treviso is also known for being the original production area of Prosecco wine and radicchio, and is thought to have been the origin of the popular Italian dessert Tiramisù.*

Follow our video from start-to-finish, as we walk you through the city and show you its landmarks, try pretzels in Treviso, take you on Saulo’s FIRST EVER CAROUSEL Ride, eat Treviso’s famous and award-winning best gelato in Treviso (gelato Treviso Stefano Dassie or Dassie), take a romantic still, drink prosecco, taste Fegato Venezia, and show you the famous Fontanta Delle Tette. * Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treviso

Check Out Our Video Below!

What’s it like to explore the beautiful city of Venice, Italy during this time of Covid? Walk with us to find out. With minimal tourists coming through the city due to closures all over the world, it is the perfect time to see Venice as if you were living there. Saulo & I walk through Venice, from start to finish to show you what the beautiful city has to offer and you will see it through different eyes, as this is a rare time all over the world.

Check out this video below! 4K Experience!

A Braslian and American in Venice! Tour through Venice, Italy During Covid!

Ana Simon

My mind is always running. Communication. Marketing. Building Brands. Helping Others. Life Experiences. American Living in Italy.

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